Parramatta Lanes Festival (City of Parramatta Council)



Category: Entertainment, Events, Arts.

Parramatta Lanes is a four-night celebration of food, art, music and culture across the Parramatta CBD. Creating a fun, immersive and authentic festival that spotlights great food, a huge live music program and a major art program across 12 differently themed sites in the CBD, the festival attracts 100,000 people annually. With 12 different sites Parramatta Lanes offers a range of programming and potential to reach a range of target markets, with the strongest demographic being 18 – 39 years. The festival is young, innovative and has a focus on connecting to the local community while encouraging new visitation in the area. The Festival is looking for sponsors with like-minded values to bring new experiences and value to the Festival. This could include major presenting partnerships, programming partners (both art and music), food and beverage partners, or other creative activations.


Contact: Beth Fitzpatrick - Event Producer, Parramatta Lanes, 02 906 5696 / 0477 389 010

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