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DAWN - Developing culturally diverse leaders

Australia’s cultural diverse population is drawn from more than 300 ancestries and is visible in everyday life. But if one views the leadership circles of many major institutions in our nation, the rich tapestry of cultures and ethnicities of representation suddenly disappears.

DAWN is the voice for diverse and inclusive leadership.

Our uniquely designed conversation series bring together emerging leaders from culturally diverse backgrounds with senior and executive leaders from Australia’s mainstream institutions allowing for genuine and constructive dialogues to emerge, enabling lasting connections and collaborations.

Through our online community, face to face events, and workshops we seek partnerships/sponsorships with corporate Australia and mainstream institutions who see the value in unlocking the leadership talent of their culturally diverse workforce and who are prepared to invest in the development and capability building of this talent pool that will help Australia grow and prosper.

In an increasingly globalised and interconnected world - businesses now more than ever need cultural capability, increased innovation and market insight that talent from culturally diverse backgrounds can offer. It’s time to utilise our untapped human and cultural capital.

DAWN Business Partnerships

DAWN business partnerships can involve:

  • Supporting DAWN directly to help fund its digital platform the DAWN Network on YouTube
  • Sponsoring DAWN’s Champions Series of conversations (a one-on-one conversation with a thought influencer, leading entrepreneur or senior leader across industries and sectors)
  • Engaging DAWN to work with your organisation to build a more inclusive culture that better attracts and develops culturally diverse talent and emerging leaders

Contact us today to discuss a DAWN partnership.

Website: www.dawn.org.au

Contact: Hana Oh, Marketing Executive - 1300 13 93 47

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